EBRI/ICI Database in WSJ Retirement Article

The Dec. 6 Wall Street Journal uses data from the EBRI/ICI 401(k) database to illustrate its story on older workers who are approaching retirement without sufficient savings.

The article is titled, “Retiring in Five-10 Years? Uh-oh,” online here.

The EBRI/ICI-based databox used in the article (below) can be seen online here.

For instance, the grapic cites EBRI/ICI data showing that that the average 401(k) balance at year-end 2009 was $139,932 for workers in their 50s who had been in the plan for at least six years, and that 60 percent of 401(k) funds were invested in stocks at year-end 2009, through stock funds, balanced and target-date funds, and employer stock.

Wall Street Journal, Dec. 6, 2010

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