Detroit Free Press “Meltdown Recover” Column

     The Detroit Free Press Sunday (Feb. 13) published an interesting column by Susan Tompor, “Meltdown recovery continues,” based on recent EBRI research. The article is based on the February EBRI Issue Brief, “Post-Crisis Assessment of Retirement Income Adequacy for Baby Boomers and Gen Xers,” which calculated the number of people “at risk” of inadequate retirement income because of the recent recession.

The column notes:

“The percentage of households that would not have been “at risk” without the 2008-09 crisis — but ended up at risk because of that financial meltdown — varies from as low as 3.8% up to 14.3%, depending on size of the retirement portfolio, exposure to the housing fluctuations and other factors, according to the research report.”

The full column can be read online here.

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