EBRI Data in USA Today

The Feb. 21 USA Today article “Five Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid”  (“Dugas”) featured results from EBRI’s Feb 2011 EBRI Notes “Labor Force Participation Rates of the Population Age 55 and Older: What Did the Recession Do to the Trends?”

The article notes:

“Retirement planning is a whole new world when compared with the reliable three-legged stool that the World War II generation relied on.”

“They had Social Security, pension plans and personal savings,” says Robert Krakower, a financial planner and author of Redefining Retirement for a New Generation. “They would stop working and have guaranteed income.”

“Some people aren’t worried about their retirement savings because they plan to keep working for many years. Last year, the number of workers 55 and older was at the highest level in 35 years, according to new research by EBRI.”

The full USA Today article is online.

The full EBRI report is online here.

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