Characteristics of the CDHP Population, 2005–2010

The May 2011 EBRI Notes examines the population with a consumer-driven health plan (CDHP) and how it differs from the population with traditional health coverage. While it is very difficult to generalize the differences in characteristics among CDHP enrollees, high-deductible health plan (HDHP) enrollees, and individuals with traditional coverage, a few differences stand out.

AGE: The CDHP and HDHP populations were less likely to be young (ages 21‒34) than the population with traditional coverage. However, in 2010, both the CDHP and HDHP populations were more likely to be ages 35‒44. There were no differences in the portion ages 45‒54 and no recent differences in those ages 55‒64.

INCOME AND EDUCATION: CDHP enrollees have higher income than traditional plan enrollees, but the degree to which they have higher income has been falling. CDHP and HDHP enrollees have consistently reported higher education levels than traditional plan enrollees.

HEALTH: CDHP enrollees have consistently reported better health status than traditional plan enrollees and exhibited better health behavior than traditional plan enrollees with respect to smoking, exercise, and, recently, obesity rates.  It cannot be determined from the survey whether plan design had an impact on health status, smoking, exercise, or obesity rates.

The full report is online here.

The press release is online here.

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