SMARTMONEY Blog Post Uses EBRI IRA Database to Highlight IRA Investing Habits

The May 25 blog post “What the Joneses Really Do with Their Retirement Funds” highlights how people with IRAs invest their money, using newly published data from EBRI. The article notes:

SmartMoney, May 26, 2011

“The asset allocation of men and women IRA owners is remarkably similar across age groups: For example, women and men under age 25 had 49.1% and 49.5%, respectively, in equities, while women and men 70 and older had 33.1% and 33.6%, respectively.

The reason: “A lot of the gender difference we see in asset allocation is because of income differences,” says Craig Copeland, a senior research associate at EBRI. “But when it comes to IRAs, income levels between men and women are more homogenous.”

EBRI’s IRA Database collects data from IRA plan administrators, and currently contains information on 14.1 million accounts of 11.1 million unique individuals with total assets of $732.9 billion, as of year-end 2008.

The full story is online here.      

EBRI’s full report is in the May EBRI Notes, “IRA Asset Allocation,” online here

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