How Repealing PPACA Would Affect Needed Savings for Health Care

The August 2011 EBRI Notes contains an aricle on “The Impact of Repealing PPACA on Savings Needed for Health Expenses for Persons Eligible for Medicare.”

New modeling by EBRI finds that Medicare beneficiaries with high levels of prescription drug use would have to save 30-40 percent more than they currently are to pay for higher drug costs if President Obama’s health reform law is repealed.

Medicare beneficiaries with median prescription drug costs would not see any change in their savings targets, EBRI’s analysis finds.

EBRI takes no position on whether or not the law should be repealed; rather, its analysis is designed to measure which groups would be affected and provide estimates of additional savings needed by those who would be affected if it was

The Notes press release is online here.

The full report is online here.

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