Fewer Have Employment-Based Health Coverage

Most Americans get their health coverage through their jobs, but new research published in the April 2012 EBRI Issue Brief  shows that fewer workers have access to this benefit.

“Since 2002, the percentage of American workers with health coverage has fallen, mostly because fewer workers have access to coverage through their jobs,” said Paul Fronstin, PhD, author of the report and director of EBRI’s Health and Education Program. “Fewer employers are offering the benefit, fewer workers are eligible for it, and fewer workers are taking advantage of the benefit when it is offered, largely due to cost.”

The EBRI report notes that the percentage of the population with employment-based health benefits is lower, most recently due to the 2007–2009 recession, but also as part of a longer-term trend that has seen fewer workers with access to health coverage.

The full report is online here. The press release is online here.

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